I lost someone close to me three weeks ago.. The woman who gave me first job. She was not only my boss for 8 years but someone who was like my second mother. She had a stroke back in August and she was recovering really well. Literally she was about to be going home and then she jus..passed away. I can't even understand it. When my mom called and told me I didn't want to believe it, I couldn't. I felt like my heart stopped beating. You know that feeling? When your face gets all hot and you feel like you go numb? In that moment my world stopped spinning. I couldn't bring myself to cry on the phone with my mom but when I got off the phone with her I laid there without a thought in my head. Then the tears came. I hadn't cried that hard and that long in a while. The tears flowed for about two days straight. That's all I could do. My world was rocked. Linda gave me a second home during the summers, I talked to her about everything, she never judged me, she helped me through so many tough times in my life and even tho she was such a smart ass I know she loved me. This summer she got me an amazing job working in the office with her. I loved it. She gave me an amazing opportunity and when that job came to an end she got me a job at the movie theater with her. She never stopped doing selfless things. That is why I can't understand why God took her. She was a huge part of this community and so many people were touched by her. I keep trying to tell myself that it is all apart of God's plan for her and her family but it is really freaking hard. I still can't bring myself to believe that she is even gone. I keep thinking when I go to work she will be there with that ear to ear grin and saying "what's up angry little hobbit" or one of her other nice ways of greeting me ha.. I don't know when it is going to hit me that she is really gone. Maybe it never will. Maybe that means she is still with me here in someway. Either way.. all I know is I miss her so damn much. Her death made me realize that this life is so damn precious. Never take anything for granted because it can taken away from you in a split second. 

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