3 weeks

3 weeks and 6 days until I start this new chapter of my life and I could not be more excited. I am fixin to go to Hawaii then when I get back I will only have a few days left in Co until I leave. I was pretty nervous the past two days because there has been a lot of doubt thrown at women in my MOS but today I read an amazing article about some of the first female combat engineers and how they love their job and how they are being accepted into the mostly male MOS. It made me relax quiet a bit about what I am about to be going into for 4 years. I am beyond excited. There are no words to explain how happy I am at this point in my life. I have an amazing family who is being so supportive, I have some pretty good friends who are surrounding me and on top of it I have an amazing and so damn supportive girl by my side. This year has brought a lot of crazy changes to my life but I could not be more thankful. My sister just recently found out she is pregnant again. I was excited for the news but I am still hesitant to not get my hopes up too high. I just hope this time around she is healthy as well as the baby and I pray that we will never have to go through any thing like we did with Noah. In all, I am thankful and blessed, as always with what God has given me and my family. I am too ready for this next adventure in my life. 

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